direct pediatrics

Pediatric care the way it should be.

Opening in Norton Commons
February 2024

What is Direct Pediatrics?

We are a pediatric office dedicated to improving access and increasing time with your physician. How can we do this? Because your physician will have a small panel of patients, allowing focus and attention on you and your child’s healthcare needs.


Norton Commons
6302 Meeting Street
Suite 101
Prospect, KY 40059

What unique benefits will Direct Pediatrics provide?


  • 24/7 Direct access to Dr. Johnson
  • Appointments when you need them


    Visits as long as you need

  • Need more time during your sick and wellness check visits? Just let us know!
  • Need time to discuss new mental health concerns? We can do that!
  • Need a 5-minute ear check on the way to school? We can do that too!

Personal Attention

  • Fewer patients = more focus on you and your child
  • All visits with YOUR doctor
  • All advice, recommendations and medications prescribed by YOUR doctor

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