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What is a direct primary care pediatric office?

Our membership model allows you to receive the highest level of convenience and quality care for a monthly fee. This fee covers ALL visits (no copays), all routine office labs and 24/7 access to Dr. Johnson. Insurance will only be used for vaccine payments. Using a fee-based model rather than insurance allows Dr. Johnson to have a much smaller panel of patients. The smaller panel improves access for patients and maximizes attention to patient needs by Dr. Johnson. Insurance is still recommended for what it was designed for care outside the office such as emergencies, hospitalizations, and surgeries.

direct pediatrics
direct pediatrics building

Our Location.

Norton Commons
6302 Meeting Street
Suite 101
Prospect, KY 40059

We are happy to announce that our second office will be opening in early fall of 2024.

It will be located off Shelbyville Road in Landis Lakes Town Center across from the Lake Forest entrance in Louisville, KY!

Direct Pediatrics Louisville Office

What Unique Benefits Will Direct Pediatrics Provide?


  • 24/7 Direct access to Dr. Johnson
  • Appointments when you need them


    Visits as long as you need

  • Need more time during your sick and wellness check visits? Just let us know!
  • Need time to discuss new mental health concerns? We can do that!
  • Need a 5-minute ear check on the way to school? We can do that too!

Personal Attention

  • Fewer patients = more focus on you and your child
  • All visits with YOUR doctor
  • All advice, recommendations and medications prescribed by YOUR doctor

Want to learn more about our memberships?

Heather Poole
April 24, 2024
Dr. Johnson is the best! I love how he is able to spend time talking to us about anything and everything. Would highly recommend him.
Aimee Caudle
April 23, 2024
I don’t think I’ve ever written a review on a doctor until now! Dr. Johnson has been my son’s pediatrician for 11 years! when we first moved in Louisville, we had a hard time, finding one that was a fit. My son was very scared of doctors and needles etc.. A doctor friend of mine said that Dr Johnston was the best and would be perfect for my son and he was right! I’ve never had a pediatrician. That was so laser focused on the specific mean as a child all the way through his teenage years. He has been instrumental in guiding my son through more than just medical issues, but emotional support as well. He is invested, compassionate, extremely and I feel very blessed to have had him for my son’s doctor all the time! When he moved to direct pediatrics, I did not hesitate to move with him! My son and I trust and appreciate you Dr Johnston so much! This new location allows him to be even more flexible and allows even more time with each patient to give them the attention that he truly like to give!
Claire Wirth
April 23, 2024
Dr. Johnson M.D., Ph.D. (Duke University graduate) is an exceptional pediatrician who truly goes the extra mile. Whether it's reaching out to him after hours with a kiddo with a high fever, or a 4 year old who stuck beads up her nose (Yep! this really happened) we just run by his Norton Commons clinic and avoid the ER. So gratful we have our pediatrician treat our kids, instead of the ER. He knows their medical history and takes his time to care for them. His dedication is evident. Speaking of the clinic, it's not your average medical office – it's modern, welcoming and extremely clean! Forget about being stuck on hold-Dr. Johnson ensures prompt, quality care every time with same day appointments, every time!! The convenience of texting for medication refills is a game-changer, no calling DR office, just send him a text! Also, if you're having a new baby...Dr. Johnson makes house calls! That way, baby and mama do not have any germ exposure! It's this kind of thoughtful care that sets him apart. I cannot imagine going to a run of the mill pediatrician... Direct Pediatrics spoils you with top notch care!
Greg Taylor
April 16, 2024
Dr. Johnson is such a patient physician, and he always takes his time to listen and understand our concerns.
Allie Dooley
April 15, 2024
The level of care we receive at Direct Pediatrics is top notch! Dr. Johnson is knowledgeable and truly cares about my kids… the peace of mind that comes with 24/7 access to him is priceless! This model of pediatric care is more affordable for our family than traditional care. Highly highly recommend him!!!
Tori Crittendon
April 11, 2024
Dr Johnson is a FIVE STAR doctor. Direct Pediatrics is a FIVE STAR facility. Absolutely could not be happier or in better hands.
Nikki Snow
April 10, 2024
Best pediatrician out there! We followed Dr. Johnson from his previous practice to this practice because he’s just that good. With his new direct and available care model, the stress of my kids getting sick or something popping up is no longer stressful - I know I can get in, he knows my kids well, and reaching him is a piece of cake! Very happy and recommend him to everyone!
Cara Althaus
March 27, 2024
Best pediatrician ever! Can not recommend Dr Johnson and Direct Pediatrics enough! He is so patient and understanding with my daughters. They open up to him and he always gets to the bottom of the issue. He is always available when we need him and willing to help, not only medical issues but counseling needs as well. Highly, highly recommend!
Gina Currier
March 26, 2024
This place is amazing. I only wish it could have been around when my kids were babies!! Nailed the convenience aspect.